Tips On Keeping Vehicle Trade-In Value High

Getting a new car is always a fun experience. Perhaps the main downside, however, is the rapid manner in which new cars begin to depreciate. The fact is that even highly desired models drop roughly 10 percent in value the moment they are driven off of ...

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Two Ways Of Cleaning Interior Car Carpets From Home Part 2

Second Method: Steamer, Carpet Attachment, and Griot's Garage Polisher
Also, this is a completely different car. I sped it up 4x to not bore you and keep you waiting for too long.

Here I am using the polisher and steamer with the carpet...

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Two Ways Of Cleaning Interior Car Carpets From Home Part 1
1st Method: Cleaner, Brush, and Towels
This is going to be a very simple process that you will want to do with basic tools. Just do not go crazy with this cleaning. You are going to need to just spray the solution, scrub the area, and the...

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Why Is It So Important to Keep Your Car Clean?
Do you realize how much of your time is spent driving around in your vehicle on a daily basis? You may spend at least an hour in your vehicle trying to make your way to work and heading back home at the end of the day. Most people spend, on average...

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Important Reasons To Avoid Automatic Car Washes

In recent years, automatic car washes have become increasingly popular thanks to the fact that they are fast and easy to use. Even though they are convenient, however, they may not be the best option when it comes to washing your car. There are a n...

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Black Or White: Which Car Color Will Get Dirtier Faster?

Passionate car owners love having their ride clean and polished, but there are those that just don’t seem to give a flip about how their vehicle looks on the outside until some joker comes along and finger-writes WASH ME on the side or hoo...

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Mobile Car Detailers Tell How to Remove a Dealership Decal

Car dealer decals can be a great way for a dealership to advertise, however, they aren’t the most attractive accessory for your vehicle. They can also be a pain to remove. If you’d like to improve your car’s appearance by getting rid of ...

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Interior Detailers Tips to Keep Your Car Interior Looking Amazing With Children

If you are a parent, you know how much time you and your children spend in the car. Take a look at the back seat and you will probably find a plethora of spills, crumbs, and toys. There may also be damage to your int...

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Disposing Of Hazardous Auto Waste Without Environmental Damage

Years and years ago, we used to kill weeds around our garage with old coolant once we’d drained it out. Sometimes we simply dumped it down the sink before flushing out the radiator with water straight from the hose. The us...

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a year ago
Recently was out in College Station about to go to an appointment, and and wanted to get my car detailed. My girlfriend recommended I use Total car detailing because they come to you. So I shot them a call, and I have to say they exceeded my expectations. Spotless inside and out. Highly recommend. Best Mobile Car Detailing service that I've used!
- Michelle H

Total Car Detailing In College Station

Total Car Detailing is the best car care and automotive detailing service. We specialize in paintless dent removal, high-end detailing, paint correction, nanoceramic coatings, and paint protection film. We are committed to completely satisfying our customers. Our highly trained and skilled specialists use cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide every vehicle we work on with long-term protection and incredible finishes. We will come to you. We travel across the surrounding cities in your area to provide service to our customers. All we need from you is an electrical outlet close by to work with. We don’t bring a generator since it is inconvenient for your neighbors to have to listen to a running generator. You want your car to be thoroughly cleaned and that is what we will provide you with. You work hard for your money, so we will ensure that you get more than what you pay for. If we happen to miss anything, we will fit it. If we are unable to clean an area, then we will let you know and offer suggestions for solutions on what can be done. We are very serious about the work we do. After many years of doing this, we are continuing to learn and improve our techniques and systems. We never claim to know everything, and new challenges are something we are always willing to tackle.​

Car Detailing Professionals 

If you are searching for a mobile car detailing specialist in in your area that will provide you with incredible results in terms of high quality customer service and service, then you are in exactly the right place. We don’t mean to brag (well perhaps we are bragging just a little), but our professionalism and quality of service is well beyond what is typically offered by most other car washes and detailers. The experience that you have with us will be hassle-free and seamless. You will choose the tie and date for us to do the detailing of your car and then we will provide results. We will arrive on time (and will let you know if we are running late). We don’t miss any details (however, if we do, we will acknowledge it and get it fixed). We have awesome customer service; we answer all phone calls and emails promptly, answer any questions you have, and guide you through the entire process step-by-step so that you know what is happening with your car at all times.​

Professional and Reliable Auto Detailers

It is a good idea to avoid using household products like different dish or body soaps. All Total Car Detailing professionals will recommend that you avoid using chemicals that have been designed for cleaning other products. Unfortunately, many people fail to follow the advice of their detailing professional. This results in the protective wax peeling off the paint on their cars very quickly. That is just one of the numerous mistakes that car owners make all over the country. Our highly skilled exterior car detailing  professionals recommend that if dirt and grime start building up, that by the time your finally clean your car, you can end up scrubbing junk into the vehicle’s paint. Acids from general pollution, insects, and bird feces can end up soaking under your car’s paint and cause it to prematurely peel. Call Total Car Detailing and one of our technicians will take care of your vehicle.​ Don't wait to contact us and book us right now, we are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. (855) 335-2719

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